Funnel Sprayer

Product Code 354
Parcel Number 1
Parcel Weight 60,00 kg
Liquid Volume 200 lt
Tank 3,6 lt
Stock Status


Product Code: 354

Product Weight: 60 KG

Liquid Volume: 200 Liters

Fuel Tank: 3.6 liters

Thisproduct is equipped with 1.5 mm thick special pipe, reinforced 3 mm carriertable, 2 air wheels, 1 manual hose reel, 1 spray gun, and 25 meters long hose.It has a 3.6-liter gasoline tank that can be operated with a rope, and athrowing distance of 10-12 meters with 4-stroke, 7-horsepower, 3-piston, 40 barpressure engine pump. The funnel sprayer is used to prevent and eliminate thefactors that adversely affect the product quality. The funnel sprayer is madeof high quality polyethylene and is resistant to oxidation and impacts with itsflexible and robust structure. It provides convenience to you and your businessfor years of use.

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