Pony Plastic Wheelbarrow, Rubber Pony Wheel

Product Code L-801
Parcel Number 1
Parcel Weight 12,50 kg
Liquid Volume 80 lt
Stock Status

PonyPlastic Wheelbarrow, Rubber Pony Wheel

ProductCode: 801

ProductWeight: 12,50 KG

LiquidVolume: 80 liters

Theplastic structure of this product is produced in different colors frompolypropylene with high quality special formulation. Its metal structure ismade of 1.5 mm thick special pipe, two front elbows, and one 2 mm thick holderplate, using the static oven paint method. The design of our licensed product,which has an aesthetic and modern appearance, is registered by Tuna Plastik.With its flexible and robust structure, it is resistant to oxidation andimpacts. It provides convenience to you and your business for years of use.

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