Original Plastic No 8 Faryap Shovel ( Metal Tipped )

Product Code 222
Carton Size 41x46x60 cm
Parcel Number 25
Parcel Weight 13,00 kg
Stock Status

Original Plastic 8 NO Faryap Shovel (Metal Tip)
Product Code: 222
Box Quantity: 25
Box Size: 41x46x60 cm
Box Weight: 13,00 kg

This product is produced in orange color from polypropylene with high quality special formulation. Thanks to the metal on the tip, its service life is extended. Thanks to its wide structure, it is used in many areas, and it is widely used in areas such as livestock farms, Cereals-Pulses, manure disposal, feed mixing and snow removal in winter, providing convenience to you and your business.

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